Sending Mail


Sending messages requires the purchase of outgoing message credits.

Sending an email uses the outgoing-messages endpoint. This endpoint is accessed with POST /api/outgoing-messages. This API uses a POST method, unlike our previous two examples, which use GET. Several pieces of information are required to send an email.

  • Mailsac API Key
  • To address
  • From address
  • Text

Since emails without subjects frequently get marked as spam, we are also going to include a subject in our email. Our email message will be transmitted in JSON, therefore we have to set the content type to :Content-Type: application/json. Our message data will be a comma separated key value array.

Send an email
curl --header "Content-Type: application/json" --request POST \
--data '{"_mailsacKey": "eoj1mn7x5y61w0egs25j6xrvs6lwrrld0oh43rj583cgdps10tokp2ceux9s6ri8eoj1mn7x5y6", \
"to": "[email protected]", "subject": "This is a test", "from": "[email protected]", \
"text": "This is a test"}'