Catch-All Email Address Setup


You can redirect all email on the domain to a single “Catch-All” address, no matter which inbox it was sent to.

This is useful if you are doing testing, or want to give our multiple email addresses that are all checked by one person.


In the steps below, replace with your real domain. It can be a subdomain (

  1. Create DNS MX records pointing email for to the inbound Mailsac servers.
  2. Verify your domain. This may take a few minutes – it’s simple, but you must add two DNS TXT records.
  3. Go to My Custom Domains / Manage / Forwarding Tab.
  4. Make sure Catch-All is Enabled.
  5. You will now be able to setup a forwarding address (click Forwarding button next to the email address), or just check mail at the * inbox, like *
  6. You could also use POP3 to pull the emails into GMail, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, or any other email client that supports POP3.