Configure Private Address for WebSocket

To use the Websocket feature a private email is required. Private addresses can be purchased individually as part of a API Developer Subscription.

Option 1: Reserve Private Address via API

The REST API is the easiest way to reserve a private address.

A simple HTTP POST will do. Make sure you have private address credits already, from a paid plan or addon purchase. in the example should be replaced with the email address you wish to reserve. If you use a custom domain, different than, you must have the domain configured with DNS records to delivery mail to Mailsac.

curl -X POST -H "Mailsac-Key: YOUR_API_KEY_HERE"

Next, configure the private address for web socket publishing:

curl -H 'Mailsac-Key: YOUR_API_KEY_HERE' -X PUT -d '{"enablews": true}'

Option 2: Reserve Private Address in the Dashboard

  1. Sign in to your Mailsac account.

  2. Select Manage Email Addresses from the dropdown.

  3. Select Add Email Address from Manage Email Addresses

  4. Fill in the desired email address and optionally add a note.

  5. Select Manage Email Addresses and choose settings next to the email address you want to configure for Websocket.

  6. Check the box to “Forward all incoming emails via web socket”