Account Management

The following account details are configurable via Manage Account Details on the Dashboard:

Password Change

An account password can be changed on the Website under Manage Account Details. If you have forgotten your password use the Password Reset Form to send a password reset email.

API Key Management

API keys are used to authenticate to the REST API, Email Capture, SMTP, and POP3.

API Keys can be created, viewed, and deleted API Keys section of the Dashboard.

Multiple Named API Keys

For teams, using unique API Keys, can help with access control, monitoring usage, and ensuring a unique API Key in each environment.

To create a named API key, go to the API Keys from the Dashboard. Enter a name for the API Key and select Generate new API key.


Create new name API key

API Usage

API calls are calculated based on the following service usage:

View API Usage

API Usage can be viewed by selecting API Usage from the Dashboard. Current month usage and historical usage is available. Breakdown by API Key and service is visible by hovering the mouse over the bar graph in Monthly API Usage.


Current Month API Usage


Monthly API Usage

Message Statistics

Monthly summaries of the following statistics are available per custom domain and account. Message statistics can be viewed by selecting API Usage from the Dashboard.

  • Inbound Message Counts
  • Outbound Message Counts
  • Inbound Bandwidth
  • Outbound Bandwidth

Monthly outbound message count

Account Deletion

Mailsac accounts can be deleted by submitting an Account Deletion Request from Manage Account Details.

  • Requesting account deletion expresses your intention to fully remove both your user account and any existing information relevant to your account.
  • This action cannot be undone, and we will be unable to recover any data.